Wcdma dual sim phone running off Verizon towers on straight talk.


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Sep 20, 2014
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Hello! I have been at this for a week now.

This is my situation, I bought a fully unlocked dual sim wcdma phone (Mpie 909T) running 4.4.2 KitKat.

I want to use this phone on my straight talk plan, but I only get service from Verizon wireless where I live.
I did some searching and found that I could use a R-UIM card to pick up signal from Verizon BUT I can not find where to buy one at (unless I buy bulk for a couple hundo). So I'm at a loss. I didn't realize that I didn't get service from at&t or T-Mobile till I got the phone and went to the straight talk site and it told me to buy a sim card activation kit, (checked on AT&T site to make sure I would have service and it showed that I would)... so I went and bought the kit only to find out that they actually don't have service out here. so if there is no way to find a r-uim card, would there be a way to change the radio frequencies in the phone? But I would also need a MEID # to activate on straight talk CDMA (Verizon towers). Or can I get one of those sim read/writer kits on eBay and program it to work?

I have not rooted the phone yet.

PLEASE HELP!!! I love this phone!!

I've been using the phone via WiFi from my old dx2 that's currently active.