Did I use the wrong SIM card???


Nov 10, 2010
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I hope this is the correct place to ask this question. It's Sunday night and I called VZ customer service, but really didn't get an answer to my question. I was told to go to a store to get a new SIM card.

Here's what happened. I ordered 2 new phones over the phone and had them shipped to me. One phone is a razr maxx, the other a droid4. My husband opened the package before I ever saw it and decided to charge both phones (here's where I think things got mixed up).

There were 2 sim cards in the package. One was loose in the box, the other in a folder with activation instructions. I used the loose sim card to activate the droid4 on my son's number. We had our home phone on speaker while calling in the activation so I KNOW we were activating his number (and he was there too, and verified). When I went to activate the Razr Maxx on my number I realized that my old phone wasn't working. We discovered that the droid4 had activated on my number rather than my son's number. Since I didn't know how to fix the problem easily, I called Verizon. Rep was not interested in my story and was rushing me to activate the phone. I slowed her down long enough to explain that it was a new phone and the sim card wasn't even in the phone. She then asked for the EIN for the Razr Maxx, and I supplied it. Then she asked for the SIM card number, and I supplied it. She then told me the SIM card was not valid and I'd have to go to a store to get another one.

Long story, so here's the quick question: Does verizon match the unopened SIM card to the phone when mailing them out?? If so, why did the first phone activate but supposedly the second SIM is invalid???

Thanks for any insight. I'll be heading to the store tomorrow to get this problem unscrewed, but would like to know what went wrong.