I think this is a new one, weird e mail issue


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Jan 26, 2010
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I have had the Droid for about a month and have had the following issue twice. It stumped Verizon support on the phone. Randomly I will get an e mail from my work account which is from an Exchange Server where the body of the e mail will not be the actual e mail sent by the person sending, but a different e mail entirely. Interestingly, the suspect e mail body will be from other sources that I do get e mails from regularly. For example, I sent an e mail to a colleague confirming a meeting for tomorrow. When I got the reply on the Droid, the body of the e mail was from a site that I get daily motivational passages from, not spam. On the Blackberry Curve that I am still tied to for a few more days, the e mail if fine. On the web site that I can check my e mail from, fine. Outlook on my work computer, fine. The first time this happened, deleting and re setting up the account straightened it out. Oh yeah, and twice this same account mysteriously disappeared from the Droid. Make Verizon give me a new unit?
Example #2. My welcome e mail for joining the Droid forum came as an e mail from Telenav Track, an employee time card / tracking service that I used to use. I still get these e mails from them every Friday morning.
Getting a new phone will not help. I am having the same problem and am on my third
Droid. This is related to the email/account deletion bug which is discussed in a couple of threads on this forum. I am hoping that there will be a software fix soon.
relating to the account mysteriously disappearing, or the body of the email being different, or both? Again, the e mail informing me of your reply, actually came to my phone as a link from my boss to a youtube video from a couple of days ago. Pretty cool, huh.
I have had both problems. Sometimes the account is deleted. At least twice when I have put in the account settings after deletion, I get the same problem you have. The email header and body do not match. If you delete the account and add it again, it should fix the corrupt email issue, but will not prevent the account from getting deleted on a regular basis.
I feel ya, not to be repetitious but just so everyone can see what is going on, the first time the body being different than the header was random, every few e mails or so, tonight, every e mail that has hit my Droid in the past hour has been bad. I'm keeping them until tomorrow so my skeptical colleagues at work, and probably my local Verizon store, can see first hand what is happening.
Same Issue

Hi, I have had the same issue and yesterday it went one step further. I sent and email from my droid and the receiver got a spam message instead the message I typed. I checked my sent mail folder on my droid and it was the spam email. Has anyone else seen this? It's not good if I can't trust the email I send from this phone because I use it for business.