HTC thunderbolt Stuck on 1x when indoors


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Feb 4, 2013
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So my HTC thunderbolt can only go on 1x whenever I'm indoors (regardless of the building), and I'm in a 4g heavy area (central NYC)...Any idea on how to resolve this issue?

List of stuff I've tried

-take out/reinsert battery/sim card
-factory reset
-switch network to cdma only, restart, reswitch to LTE/CDMA auto
-have verizon wireless flush the network
-replace sim card
-replace the entire phone twice
-elevate the issue to have verizon check the towers
-bought an LTE signal booster
-Torture my cat out of frustration (just kidding, I have no cat)

All to no avail

I therefore currently set the modem settings to use rev A instead ehrpd, and I will at least get 3G but it's slow as hell and I want 4G

Once again, this issue only occurs when I'm inside a building. If I'm outside, I can connect to 4G just fine.

Any idea on how to get 4G back indoors?
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