[HOW TO] Install \ Backup \ Restore \ Repair your Samsung Device using Kies


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HELLO!!! Welcome to my «» Kaotic World «»!!! ;)

Thank YOU so much for taking the time, and effort, to read and/or use my Guides and Tutorials!!!!
I hope this guide helps YOU to resolve your problems, or at least LEARN something new!!
I work HARD to help everyone!!
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«««««« Bringing »ORDER« to your KAOS!! »»»»»»
«««««« Last Updated: 2015/05/17 »»»»»»
The Samsung "Kies Software" is a very » USEFUL «, and » POWERFUL «, tool for any Samsung Device owner! It will allow you to »» SYNC «« your Device with your Windows, or MAC, computer and keep your Data » SAFE «!! It will also allow you to »» CREATE «« a full, or partial, backup of your device!! And finally, the software can »» REPAIR «« your device to a "Stock" (Factory) condition!!! This Should Be the » FIRST « place you try and solve your Device problems!!
*** Please Note *** There are TWO (2) versions of the software available for Windows PC, make sure you pay attention to which version you »» INSTALL «« in the first "Section" of the Guide. It will not work properly if you attempt to use the wrong version!!!

This is the Information you will » NEED « to proceed with this guide:
(Located UNDER the battery, on the "STICKER" inside the Device)
(Located INSIDE the Device Software, IN the "About Phone" Section of "SETTINGS")

Device Model Number:
(SM-G900V) Samsung Galaxy S5 (Verizon)
Android OS Version:
Android Version 4.4.2
Device IMEI #: OR Device MEID #:

«««««« WARNING »»»»»»
*** Verizon Wireless Devices ***
»» PLEASE INSTALL «« The Verizon "Software Upgrade Assistant" software that is your Device » BEFORE « following this "Tutorial". Their Software and "Samsung Kies" Share the same components and » MUST « be installed » FIRST «!

Section 1:
Installing Samsung Kies

*** This Process can take up to 1 hour to complete! ***
- Read »» ALL «« the instructions carefully! Follow »» ALL «« the steps as you are working! Be sure to keep track, of where you are in the process, of your completed Steps! You may want to print out a copy of this Tutorial for easy reference!! ;)

#2 - Download the »»Kies Software««, that is appropriate for your device.

If you are like me... » GEEK « .....I have both Versions installed in order on my Windows Computer to fix any Device!! ;)

»»Please Note«« - If you have any difficulties with connecting the device to your computer.....»»RESTART«« the device and the computer, and try again! If you cannot get this to work *Properly*, you will *PROBABLY* lose some of your data along the way!! Ask a "Knowledgeable" person, like the Users on DroidForums.net {Shameless Plug} to assist you before continuing any further!!

»»ALSO«« - If while using Samsung Kies, you experience any issues, PLEASE feel free to leave your questions Below!!

**IF** you have already completed ANY of the steps in the following Tutorial, you may skip to the next step! o_O [NON-Judgmental]

Section 2:
Backing Up your Device

This Procedure **SHOULD** be completed anytime »»BEFORE«« following »»ANY«« Instructions, Tutorials, or Guides on the internet!!!!!

The Kies Software will allow you to »Create«, or »Restore« a "Complete", or "Partial" parts of, your backups for your device. This INCLUDES your Messages (SMS, MMS), App Data, and Settings!!
[ALSO...this software will ensure that you always have the latest drivers available, AND can also help to Repair your device automatically!] ;)

**Verizon Wireless Devices**
In the Taskbar (Located next to the clock)
»Locate« the RED Phone Icon for the "Software Update Assistant (SUA)" from Verizon. [The icon may be hiding inside the "UP Arrow" on the left side of the small icons!]
»Right-Click« on the RED Phone Icon.
»Left-Click« on the "Close" option.
**IF** The RED Phone Icon is NOT Located, move on to the next step!

#3 - Install the Samsung Kies software you just downloaded onto your computer.
(You *MUST* have an »ACTIVE« Internet connection!!)
[»Left-Click« "YES", if prompted by Windows to "ALLOW" the program to run with Administrator rights!]

#4 - »»Click«« to open the Samsung Kies software on the computer. [Located on the Desktop, or inside the Windows Icon (Start) Menu]
[»Left-Click« "YES", if prompted by Windows to "ALLOW" the program to run with Administrator rights!]

**IF** a window opens, with the software, and informs you of an available update....please »»UPDATE«« the software!!
(Restart the computer if the software requires, or requests, that it be done.)

#5 - Power "ON" the device, if not already done, and »Connect« it to an Empty/Free "High Speed" USB port on your computer. (Preferably use a USB 3.0 port, but *ANY* USB port will work!!! "High Speed" just allows for the communication between the Device and the Computer to work faster.)
[I Recommend using an OEM (Original) Samsung USB cord.]

**IF** You see a Windows "Toast" (Pop-Up) that says it is "Installing Drivers". Please »»WAIT«« until it is completed, and says "Hardware is Ready for Use", and the device is displayed inside the Kies Window on the PC.

#6 »Left-Click« on the "Backup" tab in the upper-right quadrant (Area) of the software window.
#7 - Make sure "ALL" the checkboxes are selected for the backup procedure, then »Left-Click« the start button!

CONGRATULATIONS!! You now have a Backup!! Please take good care of it!!

Section 2:
Restore your Device from a Backup

**Coming Soon!**

Section 3:
Repair your Device [STOCK]

**Coming Soon!**​
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This is really nice, thank you for putting it together!

I just installed Kies and created a backup of my S5 to test the process. I noticed that the Kies backup does not include the contents of my SD card, am I correct in assuming that an FDR will not wipe my SD card?

One other question, do you happen to know what will happen to "pinned" music for Google Play All Access if I go thru the backup/FDR/restore process? I have pinned about 40GB of music so it would be a big deal to me if the Google Music app "forgot" it all after the FDR and I had to re-pin it all. The actual song files are stored on my SD card, so they will still be there, but I'm concerned that whatever mechanism the app uses to index the pinned files may not come back completely intact.

Thank you for compliment to begin with!

No..an FDR will not wipe the SDCard. The files will be updated on the SDCard after the FDR.

And as long as you backup and restore the kies files for all the apps before you begin the "Setup Wizard" it should restore all the data for the google app
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Hi Kaos, can you clarify something for me, are you saying that it is necessary to have the Verizon "Software Upgrade Assistant" software installed for the Kies software to work correctly, or are you just saying that *if* you are going to install the Verizon stuff, you need to do it before Kies?

Kies seems to work fine for me without the Verizon stuff installed, but so far I've only done a backup, not a restore.
I am staying that it is best to install the Verizon software first. Kies uses the same system files and can interfere if installed after kies...which may need to be reinstalled after the Verizon software.
That's what I thought, just wanted to make sure, thanks!
ok, so I've created my backup using Kies, and after the Lollipop update, I'd really like to do an FDR and then restore everything from the Kies backup (so I don't have to redo anything by hand).

Is it as simple as:
1) perform the FDR from 'Settings->Backup and reset'
2) reboot
3) connect to Kies and 'restore'?

Are there any steps other than that? Do I need to turn off "Automatic restore" in the Backup and reset settings at some point, or anything like that?
Quick question... I have a Verizon S4 but actually run it on Straightalk... will this work for me? Thanks!