How To Enable Double Tap To Wake On Nexus 6


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Oct 6, 2011
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Last week we discussed the missing double tap to wake feature of the Nexus 6. Some of you could not care less that the feature exists on the N6, while others pointed out that the feature was kind of redundant with the ambient display being present, and still others of you were pretty bummed that the feature did not make it to the final version. The feature is actually coded into Android on the Nexus 6, it is just not enabled by default. It turns out that it is pretty simple to enable the feature. Developer "Naxir" has created an app that will allow you to enable double tap to wake by clicking a button.

There is one drawback to this. Google's built in implementation of double tap to wake is not without bugs. This could be the reason why they decided to not include it at launch. Some have reported the feature to be a bit flaky if the phone has been asleep for extended periods of time. This app will more than likely not work to enable double tap to wake on any device other than the Nexus 6. It should also be noted that this mod does require your Nexus 6 to be rooted. You can grab the app off the play store for $1 or you can get it for free on XDA.

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