You Can Enable Double Tap To Wake On Most Huawei and Honor Devices.


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Oct 6, 2011
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Double Tap to wake is one of those must have features for phones with fingerprint readers on the back or phones with oddly placed power toggles. You wouldn't think it would be a necessary feature, but when your phone is laying flat on the desk it can be a pain to reach over and pick it up just to utilize the fingerprint scanner. Being able to double tap to wake means that you can unlock your phone quickly with the use of your PIN without having to actually pick up the device relieving an otherwise frustrating situation.

To get this working on your Huawei or Honor device you will need to be rooted and you will need to be running a custom kernel that supports it such as ElementalX. You will then make a few changes to the devices build.prop file using your favorite root browser. You could also simply flash a zip file provided at the link below in custom recovery. So far this is known to work with the Mate 8, P9, and many more.

via XDA