1. N

    My sim turns on and off automatically by showing syncing contacts by sim processor

    My sim turns on and off automatically by showing syncing contacts by sim processor i m using oukitel wp10 5g, android 10 . Often my mobile notification shows syncing contacts by sim processor in addition the sim get deactivated , and it had been continued for some times. So I can't got any calls...
  2. Z

    How to restore 'Open tabs' after android crash

    Hi, I hope you can help me. My android crashed while there were many open tabs in Chrome. Using computer if I look at, it says I have 1628 open tabs (refer to the image) but in the browser on my main PC I have only a few which were opened after the crash. If I look at...
  3. L

    UVC/USB webcam for Android Phone

    Hello everyone -- I'm wondering if anyone has any experience replacing a built-in front-facing camera on any android device with a UVC/USB webcam. What I want to do is build a custom app that works on a regular android phone where I can use the camera1 or camera2 apis to get access to camera...
  4. geojo

    Checkbox activity to show/hide multiple texts

    Hi, I am trying to learn the basics of android with Java and got struck halfway creating a simple app. This checkbox code works for single text and can someone help me make one text visible and hide second one. import ... public class MainActivity extends AppCompatActivity { private...
  5. S

    Forgot Pincode

    Hello, I recently found back my HTC one m8. I wanted to see what files I have on it, but unfortunately I forgot the PIN. I researched the web about possible fixes to either bypass the lockscreen or other ways, while still keeping the data. What I tried so far: • I read that some android...
  6. D

    Simulate display with cutout

    The new 'Simulate display with cutout' feature is very useful for android development for making sure an app will work on all devices, however there are some types of cutouts I would like to try for which I am not given the option. Does anyone know how to add new cutout presets for this feature?
  7. Sajo

    How To Activate Android Voice Control

    Want more voice control than Assistant already provides? Want to show off as a super-nerdy-techie and use your phone with just your voice (well...almost)? Check out this article. Android's secret voice control superpowers
  8. R

    Bizarre Bug> Some Apps Only Launch on Mobile Data

    I have a strange one. Happened on both a Samsung S9 and Samsung S20, both times seemingly completely at random i.e. not after any phone updates or new app installations. Google Play will stop downloading apps over wi-fi (Everything will be stuck on Download Pending) and random apps on the...
  9. N

    What Android Browsers can store the history for 12 months?

    Hi, Just wondering does anyone have a list of what Android Browsers can store the history for 12 months? Thanks
  10. L

    Numerical + Arrow only keyboard

    Hi all, New to the forum, hoping someone has the answer :) I'm looking for a way to only have a numerical and arrow keys show up on the keyboard instead of symbols, letters etc. We are doing data entry and only require numbers, the arrow keys are to move the entry point to different spots on a...
  11. D

    Apps at homescreen get removed after using Maximum Energy Saving Mode on Samsung S8.

    Hello. After using Maximum Energy Saving Mode and then turning it off my app icons on home screen get removed, only widgets stay in there. Also the apps get sorted alphabetically, not how I set them to be. I have Samsung S8, using One UI launcher. The problem started to happen recently, as I...
  12. kkl888

    [3D Live Wallpaper] Bug's Life 3D

    Bug's Life 3D Live Wallpaper Inspired by BBC Life, Bug’s Life 3D is designed to refine the popular insect documentary scenery, with outstanding and aesthetic graphics, finished with silky smooth animation. Bug’s Life 3D is a 3D live wallpaper that mimics the actual insect motion, in...
  13. D

    Is it possible to play PC games on Android?

    I've always wondered if it's possible to play such great games as the Settlers, Mad Max or Far Cry, for example, on my smartphone. Trying to search for the titles within the Play Store, I've found nothing but some app called ExaGear Windows Emulator (searchable on Google Play). I'm not sure if...
  14. SplittingSkull1

    Droid Turbo Audio Issue

    I Recently god a 2014 Droid Turbo. It was still in the box and everything. i let it update and its now running Android 6.0.1 and is experiencing A VERY quiet audio issue. The Phone is not damaged and was fine for a few days before it happened. I have Factory reset, Cleared The Caches, and even...
  15. Dashland

    Dashland | New indie arcade game

    Hello everyone! I would like to share with you my first mobile game as indie developer. It is called “Dashland - Tap and Survive” and is available on the App Store and Google Play Store! The goal of the game is simple: launch the blue dash and avoid the red dashes. It has two modes: •...
  16. DroidModderX

    Leagoo Makes An iPhone X Clone That Runs Android

    The new Leagoo S9 is unashamedly an iPhone X clone running Android. Why spend over $1000 on a phone that will upset you in the end because it doesn't run Android? Leagoo is a Chinese company known for copying the look of flagship phones and they have done an excellent job replicating the design...
  17. DroidModderX

    Andy Rubin Has Returned To Work At Essential

    Last month it was reported that Andy Rubin had taken a leave of absence from the smartphone company he founded, Essential. The story that was published by "The Information" alleged an inappropriate relationship between Rubin and a subordinate of his during his time at Google. The timeline did...
  18. A

    Media keeps pausing- inb4 look at old threads

    Hi, I'm very frustrated. My media keeps pausing, sometimes every 30 seconds, some times every couple minutes. YouTube pauses all the time. The music I have on my phone, downloaded in to my memory, pauses all the time. (Doesn't require data/buffering) It's annoying, especially when I'm doing...
  19. DroidModderX

    Second Android 8.0 Oreo Beta Released For The Galaxy S8

    We are getting closer to an official release of Android 8.0 Oreo for the Galaxy S8! Samsung just released a second beta build of Oreo for the S8. The beta program still includes the USA, United Kingdom, and South Korea. The second beta is labeled G950FXXU1ZQK4. The update has already been rolled...
  20. DroidModderX

    Google Lens Now Available For The OG Pixel and Pixel XL

    One of the most innovative features of the new Pixel 2 and Pixel 2 XL is Google Lens. The new feature builds on what we saw with Google Googles by utilizing ARCore and the Google Photos App. Google Lens allows you to point your phone at just about anything for identification. It's like the...