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May 5, 2021
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I recently found back my HTC one m8. I wanted to see what files I have on it, but unfortunately I forgot the PIN. I researched the web about possible fixes to either bypass the lockscreen or other ways, while still keeping the data.

What I tried so far:

• I read that some android versions allow the phone to get an option after putting a false PIN several times. Some get the option to click ‘Forget Password’ and others can try to login with their Google account. I get neither of these options.
• I tried a few unlocking software like Dr Fone, but it’s not supporting my phone.
• I tried to find my phone through Google, but it’s not linked to the account I’m using and I never had another gmail account before, so that’s weird.
• I have not linked my phone with ADB nor is it rooted, as I haven’t used my phone since 2014/2015 if I recall.
• I tried the Emergency call trick too, but my phone doesn’t support copy/paste there.

Thanks in advance,