1. D

    Help Accessing Data on Screen Locked P20

    Hi - wondering if anyone out there can think of a solution to this... So, my wife smashed her phone screen (Huawai P20) and bought a cheap phone to use short term while we sorted out a replacement (Alcatel 1). When setting up the temporary phone, not all of the data from her P20 was...
  2. S

    Forgot Pincode

    Hello, I recently found back my HTC one m8. I wanted to see what files I have on it, but unfortunately I forgot the PIN. I researched the web about possible fixes to either bypass the lockscreen or other ways, while still keeping the data. What I tried so far: • I read that some android...
  3. DroidModderX

    Fingerprint Enabler Xposed Mod Disables Requirement For PIN On Reboot

    We pay a hefty price for convenience these days, but then again this has always been the case. Everyone knows a cold soda from the gas station cost more than a 2Liter from the grocery store. I am personally an Amazon Prime addict. I will often pay up to double the price for something just to...