1. S

    Forgot Pincode

    Hello, I recently found back my HTC one m8. I wanted to see what files I have on it, but unfortunately I forgot the PIN. I researched the web about possible fixes to either bypass the lockscreen or other ways, while still keeping the data. What I tried so far: • I read that some android...
  2. Y

    USB Keyboard Issue in Set Top Box Android Kitkat 4.4

    I have a set top box Android Kitkat Version 4.4. I use USB Keyboard in my set top box, when I press Shift+Any Key (example Shift+A or etc) on EditText, mouse pointer change the icon. When I want to delete any words, I cant delete the word using Backspace. Maybe Shift Key was locked. I can...
  3. mikecox

    kitcat version of Android; can I upgrade it?

    I can't move files around on the Ext SD card; I get: Option removed in the kitcat version of Android. Yet I am able to write files to the card when I connect the tablet to my computer. Is there a way to upgrade the OS to the SD card works like the internal memory, to allow me to copy files...
  4. DroidModderX

    DU Speed Booster Can Help Speed Up An Older Android

    If you need to stretch out a device as long as possible you may sometimes find yourself using a slower device. As devices get older ram gets used up and your phone can slow to a molasses style crawl. There are a few apps out there that can help you clean up your phone to improve its speed. One...