How do you Sync Gmail and Droid X with Outlook?


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Jul 21, 2010
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Here's my set-up which seems to be working (except the Droid X will not sync with the gmail contact groups):

Outlook 2007 (installed a program called gsyncit
which syncs Outlook with Gmail Calendar and Contacts).

Set the Droid X to sync with my gmail account (email, contacts and calendar).

I can make changes on Droid x or Gmail and the information syncs up automatically.

In Outlook you just need to run a sync through gsyncit and thisngs seem to work well.

Anyone else have other methods of syncing these three things (gmail, droid x and outlook) that work well?

Why don't you just use IMAP in outlook for gmail? That way whatever changes you make in Outlook are instant in gmail online. And since the DroidX uses push, everything should sync whenever you make changes anywhere.
GLK if you go to and log into your account in the settings you will see how to transfer your contacts by making a csv file. It's easy to do and you can get all your contacts transferred over to gmail that way.