DROIDX- Contacts issue - Phone Contacts not transferring to gmail account


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Jul 17, 2010
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Hi all,
I apologize if I am missing the obvious and making this far more complex than it is but I have read a lot of information about the phone and contacts and gmail etc and still am a bit stuck on getting the contacts as they are on my phone now to sync with gmail acct going in the phone---> Gmail direction.

I have downloaded 2 apps (companion link and gsyncit) and took a shot at using Outlook 2007 and I am just out of ideas.

I come from using a Palm TX with Palm Desktop
I put that to the side in order to work with the DroidX's sync with gmail figuring I could live with the Google calendar and contacts once I got settled. I'm willing to do the work to make this effortless but cannot seem to get it right.

I use my optonline pop3 app on the phone for email.
I have that set up in the gmail acct but removed the pop3 up on Google mail in case that was a problem. So now it's pure gmail acct and the phone that I am trying to sync up. I am so afraid of losing my phone contacts along the way. Took me forever to set that up.

1. Is there a way to export the phone contacts list to a file or an app that does that that I could then import to Gmail as my phone contacts list is far more extensive than my old Palm Desktop contacts. I tried to look on the sd card for the vcf file but that went nowhere.

2. Is there a known issue that would prevent the phone to gmail sync from working but easily allows the gmail to phone to work? If I make a test contact at gmail, it syncs fine into the DROIDX.

Does Froyo address any issues with regard to this topic?

After awhile having data all ove the place, in the cloud and on desktops/netbooks/phones becomes too much. I am trying to keep it simple to work with this phone which I absolutely LOVE! :)

I have the same problem

I am also experiencing this problem. My first attempt was to export from outlook all my contacts that had been synched by active synch from my previous winmo phone. I then imported this file into gmail and worked ok. However, for some reason active synch did not synch my contacts' emails. After all this, I did however notice that somehow my droidx was synched with all my contacts including their emails but they were placed under my exchange server group which is associated with my work emails. When I log into to my gmail account all of these contacts are not there. I've looked for ways to export, following some threads from the original droid on how to do this but didn't see the export contacts option that people mention. Even worse is that verizon's backup is also not backing my contacts up because they are not under the Phone Contacts group. Any ideas anyone?
I'm seriously burnt out on this stuff;=) Nothing was syncing the same way.
Gmail, palm desktop, the phone. I tried Companion Link again and no joy.
I had files all over the place of the vcf and csv varieties.

Even VZW Backup Assistant was not syncing and now it is and doing the best job of all of the things I tried. At least my contacts are backed up somewhere.

Currently when I make changes on phone, in calendar or at VZW site with backup Assistant and sync it all works as expected. I am hoping I can just keep this method up and move away from palm desktop and stop playing with Outlook.

I guess in the end having to type into Google calendar vs Palm Desktop or Outlook Calendar makes more sense as it gets crazy keeping up with a PC and a Netbook and keeping it all organized. I was just so used to a USB PDA to Desktop solution, it's hard to break the habit;=)

I love this phone more each day dancedroid

Can you indicate which group your contacts are assigned to? For me most of my contacts are not under phone contacts so they don't seem to be getting backed up by vzbackup.
I do not have any contacts I needed to sync that were outside of the phone contacts I guess. I also do not deal with exchange.

I have several folders for friends, doctors etc but in the end they are all part of the phone group it would seem and while the VZW BA does not recreate the groups online, the contacts did all get pulled.

As to gmail and the contacts, again I am not seeing a total recreation of my folder structure but until I have more time to reserach all of this I will live with what I have. I am going to look at the Gmail forums too to see what the scoop is on my issues.

I feel pretty happy right now with where I've gotten things to. As I mentioned, I've given up on a desktop solution and am using Google Calendar and the phone and so far so good.

My other issues is the default email app and folders. I'm not seeing any way to set folders and sorting through an enormous list of emails is not helpful. But I am not sure if the app is not doing something or it's me. I continue to look into it. But WOW...love this phone.

I think over time it will improve or there will be a 3rd party email app I can go to.

I am sorry I could not be more helpful to your situation.

Google Contacts sync

Here's what I did. It's kinda weird and it kinda sucks but it's better than nothing.

With VZW Backup, none of the contacts are really recognized as phone contacts. They showed up in the phone contacts, but any contact App I put on the droid would not recognize I had any contacts.

Also, the funny thing is? I added a new contact on the droid and THAT showed up in Google Contacts!

My thinking is this has something to do with the VZW Backup. For some reason, this does not add phone contacts correctly.

So what have I done do get around this issue? Well, I don't have that many contacts, so this was easier for me. What I did was share the contacts, individually, and sent them to my gmail as a vcf attachment. Then, I saved the file and imported them into google contacts

After the contacts appeared on google, the contacts I added said there were now 2 (or more with facebook, etc.) profiles linked: such as Phone Contacts, Google Contacts.

I'm really not sure about VZW Backup. I think I'm going to uninstall it from my phone and just use Gmail at this point

VZW Backup is good when you have a less-advanced phone, like an EnV2, but with a Droid X with ActiveSync capabilities? Gmail or an alternative is better, IMO

Hope this helps