help with installing gtalkservice.apk and talk.apk


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Aug 1, 2010
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so i made a stupid mistake, new to rooting my droid x. i used the one click root from the market i downloaded. everything was cool, felt on top of the world im learning all this and here i go, deleted a few things i shouldnt.

now i cant download anything from the market and from what i see is that its because i deleted gtalkservice.apk and/or talk.apk from my phone thinking i was only going to delete the google voice app i dont use. all that pops up is the downloading screen but nothing ever downloads.

long story short im going crazy trying to figure out how to re-install these apps back on my phone, if anyone is nice enough to run me with a step by step process of doing this that be great! help!
in case this helps, i already downloaded the files, just cant figure a way to install since i dont have any apps on phone to help sort them around except the stock "files" app droid x came from
you're going to need root access and "Root Explorer" (costs $3 i think??) in order to install any system files i believe.

Or you can try downloading astro and install it through astro, you'd have to uncheck the "Unknown Sources" box under Application Settings first though.