Help, Please!!!

I am running Windows 7 on VMWare. I tried RSD lite on Windows XP and it isn't recognizing the Droid. I will try to get to a friend's PC tomorrow at lunch time and try that. I believe that she is running Windows 7 also.

My phone is now flashing "Low battery, Cannot program" despite the fact that I have been keeping in the dock. It should be fully charged, yet I am getting this message. This is looking pretty grim. Any and all ideas are appreciated. Thanks for all your help.
The phone cannot charge in recovery or the bootloader. You will need to either modify a USB cable to force the phone to think the battery is charge or, preferably, charge the battery in another phone and borrow a battery.

Was there a problem installing the drivers on the Windows XP install?

I can provide instructions on how to modify that USB cable if you have to do that. Hopefully the friend's computer will recognize the Droid and work for you to flash the right SBF. :)
I would like those the instruction for modifying the USB, if only for information sake. I have been delayed in getting to the other computer due to work emergencies, so I may have to wait til tomorrow. Again, I really appreciate all your suggestions and feedback.
Credit to csealspr for posting this and credit to the original poster from whom he found this.


1. Take your cable and cut off one of the ends, leaving a standard USB plug at the opposite end to plug into your computer.

2. Now you need to strip about and inch of the wire off until you get to the core where you should see 4 colored wires (red, black, white, and green). The colors don't really matter and they may vary, just as long as you can see a red wire and a black wire.

3. Strip off about a quarter inch of the rubber sleeving on the red and black cables, exposing the actual metal wire.

4. Twist the metal strands of each of the wires a couple of times so that all of the wires from the black cable are together and all of the wires from the red cable are together. This is just to make sure that you don't create a short circuit.

5. Here's where it gets a little tricky. You are going to use this cable to make the phone think the battery is fully charged, when in fact you will just be powering the phone using the power from the USB port. Pull out the battery on your phone and find the 4 exposed metal slots (the battery terminals).

6. Each of the far terminals should be labeled with a plus (+) or a minus (-). What you need to do is put exposed leads on the red wire up to the positive terminal and the leads of the black wire up to the negative terminal.
FURBEARINGMAMMAL, you rock!!!!!!!!! Thanks to all your guidance, suggestions, information, encouragement and hope, I know have a fully functioning Droid X again. I was able to get the 2.2.32 full sbf flashed using my friends PC. Funny that it wouldn't work on the mac with VMWare. Many, many thanks to TBH for their sbf. That meant all the difference in the world. Thank you so much. What a great resource we all have in this forum.dancedroid