GPS suddenly doesn't work

Dialing *228 then selecting option 2 worked like a charm. GPS location locks are incredibly fast now.
My Droid X still not connecting to GPS

I've tried all the suggested things in this post and still no connection.

I'm really pissed that Verizon did something to their networks because my phone just like all of yours got messed up around June of 2011.

What I've tried:

1. Pulled battery while phone was on. Rebooted = no luck
2. *228 option 1, reboot (waited 15min) = no luck
3. *228 option 2, reboot, (waited 15min) = no luck

Prior to June of 2011 my phone connected almost anywhere everytime. This was the biggest selling point for me switching to an Android phone and Verizon. Now it won't even connect GPS in the clearest of nights, driving on a freeway, with no mountains in sight.

Can anyone suggest something else before I throw this phone in the garbage.
I used the *228 method and it seemed to work a week, but then stopped again. I then stumbled upon another solution (in a forum I can't remember, sorry). 1) Find a movie ticket stub/business card/other piece of thick paper. 2) Take off your battery cover 3) Locate the small round peg in a depression right under the 'Batter Release' tab that is red. 4) Cut your movie ticket stub/business card/etc so that a tiny flap can be wedged between the battery and the left wall well where the battery sits. 5) Fold paper the paper so it covers the peg. 6) Cut the paper so it fits just inside the battery cover. 7) Take the paper out and cut it so it goes slightly over the top and bottom of the well the peg sits in. 8) Wedge that piece back in there. 9) Do this for a second piece, and make it ~1/2 an inch, but wedge it so that it sits above where your flash card is. It should _not_ cover the flash card. Just be above it. 10) Replace battery cover. NOTE: As a side effect this will make your case a little harder to put on. Be careful as you will have to apply a little force to get it on the first time. Another side effect is that your battery cover doesn't come off as easy if you drop your phone ^_^. GPS has worked fine over the last few weeks.