GPS Issues


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Apr 16, 2010
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I'm having an issue with the GPS on my Droid. Sometimes I can't get a GPD lock but when I turn my phone off and on again it works perfect. I have a stock Droid with 2.1. The issue happens with the GPS Status app as well as with Maps/Navigator. When I'm at work I can open Maps and select "My Location" and I always get the location with the large blue circle. When I switch to GPS Status it shows 5-7 "Sats." but no "Fixes." When in Navigator I get a constant "Searching for GPS" message.

This has happened in a number of different locations and every time I can fix it by turning my phone off and then on again. From what I've read powering off shouldn't really do anything but it solves my GPS woes without fail. I thought it was just coincidence but I've had it happen a number of times and each time restarting my phone fixes it. Does anyone have any thoughts why this is happening? Does powering the phone down fix something with the GPS? It's kind of a problem when I'm in Navigator and have to turn my phone off and on to get directions. Any thoughts are appreciated as I'm out of answers.
it happens to every phone, known problem. it should only happen once every 4-5 days though. so just restart occasionaly and you'll never notice it.
Thanks! I love my phone and it's just one of those things that kind of bugs me. As long as it's not just me I'm o.k. with it. Now that you mention it, it does seem to happen only after I haven't used any GPS apps in a few days. Thanks again for the reply and I'll just remember to power my phone down once in a while if I need to use GPS.