GPS stops working


Dec 23, 2009
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about once a week, my gps will stop working. in google nav, it will just say searching for GPS at the bottom. in google maps, it will just show my a-gps location (the big circle).

turning the gps off/on in settings doesn't help. only way i can seem to fix it is restart the phone. then it finds the signal in just a second or two.

any ideas? anyone else have this problem?
well i really only use it in 2 locations, home and work, just to see how long my drive is gonna be.

at work i have clear view of the sky and good reception. at home, i have NO reception, but clear view of the sky.

i don't think the lack of reception would mess it up, but maybe it does. i'm gonna reset it now, and for the next week, i'm only gonna load it up at work, and see if it still happens.
I've had the same problem a couple times now, but unfortunately I don't have any answers for you. Same thing with me where I need to reboot the phone and then it works right away.
I have had a similar problem with my GPS cycling on and off, not finding location, and completely locking up unless hit restart the phone. I have found no help yet on the forum either. Hopefully some one can help me as well.