Google Sync Problems


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Dec 14, 2009
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None of my Google accounts are syncing. This includes Docs, Reader, Books, Contacts, Gmail and Calendar.

When I go into the 'accounts' screen, I see that all of the above last synced yesterday. When I try to do a manual sync...nothing.

Anyone else having this problem?
Google Calendar Sync Issues

I too am having trouble with my calendar syncing. Deleted event does not appear on computer calendar, but is still showing on Motorola Droid calendar. Performing manual sync doesn't solve the problem. Gmail appears to be ok.
Google Calendar sync issue

Have you discovered a fix? I just got a droid charge and everything is syncing TO the phone but calendar event changes/edits that I make on the phone do not sync up to google calendar.

I did live chat with Sansung and the tech said that the phone can't send changes up to google calendar but he's wrong. I've seen too many people on the forums comment that it works properly. So, what's the issue?

Anything you have discovered would be a help!
I'm having problems with the contacts syncing.