Google calendar not autosyncing


Nov 19, 2009
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Ossining, NY
For some reason, my HTC Thunderbolt has stopped automatically syncing my google calendar. I can manually sync it by going to calender -> menu -> refresh and it will sync. I can also sync it manually from settings -> accounts and sync, but nothing I have tried restores the automatic syncing.

Gmail (both contacts and mail) is automatically syncing -- its only the calendar that isn't (and the calendar IS the same google account as gmail).

I have noticed that on the accounts and sync screen for my google account that it shows the current date for sync contacts and sync gmail, but July 10 for Sync Calendar (see attached image). I've tried unchecking and rechecking that and sync now. It will always sync (and it does pick up new appointments), but it never changes that last sync time and it never goes back to automatically syncing.

I searched google for this issue but nothing I found directly addresses it -- all seem to be difficulty syncing at all (even manually).

I am running stock rooted MR2. See attached image for exact versions.

I am using ADW desktop so I have disabled HTC Sense.

How can I get the automatic sync working again?