Thunderbolt partially syncing with Google -- but not my contacts or calendar?


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Jul 25, 2012
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I have a rooted HTC Thunderbolt on VZ. I used HTC sync to sync my Outlook contacts with my HTC thunderbolt. I tried using it for both contacts & calendars, but that didn't work so I use the HTC sync product only for the contacts and now I use google calendar sync to push the calendar from my computer to google which downloads to the android phone. Originally I had my phone set not to sync contacts, but have since purchased a tablet and now have my gmail account set up on that as well. So I changed the phone to sync contacts as well.

I have my thunderbolt set to sync google play books, sync contacts, sync gmail, sync calendar.

I have the tablet (which is running Android 4.0 Ice cream sandwich) to sync browser, sync calendar, sync contacts, sync gmail, sync google photos.

Despite making the change to the thunderbolt and forcing a sync by choosing sync now from the phone (all of which completes with no errors), all of the 1206 contacts from the phone are not showing up in gmail. The only ones which do appear in gmail (online via web browser) are those which I have sent an email to on either the phone or the tablet (or via gtalk) for a whopping 26 total -- and the only information included is the email address information.

On my tablet when I open the gmail app there is no option for contacts at all even if I choose to show all labels and, quite frankly, I'm not sure where to look for contacts on the tablet itself because there does not seem to be one by default -- even in the all apps listing. Perhaps i need to download a particular software?

The calendar on my phone is up to date. The calendar on the tablet never receives calendar appointments.

All photos taken on both the phone and the tablet upload to google and sync with each other.

Even internet history and bookmarks are updated on my computer, phone and tablet.

Help....why aren't my contacts updating properly and how can i fix it?