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May 12, 2010
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Beverly, Ma
Anyone having any problems activating and synchronizing Google Calendar? It used to work when I first got the phone but has since stopped with a No Events Fetched Yet message and the date not on the calendar.

Any suggestions would be appreciated.
Go into Settings->Accounts and check your account(s) to make sure calendar sync is still enabled. Not sure why, but it likes to occasionally disable itself.

Mine is working.
Mine works great. My biz partner and I both have droids with it on it. Synchs to both phones and both desktops at the same time. Love it!
Mine works, but recently a Microsoft Patch for Visual Studio 2008 redistributable components messed up my Office 2003 install, and when I reconfigured exchange mail, I also had to log back into calendar sync. It resynced all my calendar items, but added my Google email address as an invitee on all meeting requests and messed up the ownership of my own meetings so I can't send updates or cancellations on them.

Just a warning to be careful, not to stop using it....

Thanks everyone, I will check these out and see if I can get it back. Appreciate the help!