Going to get a new phone


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Jan 19, 2010
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Soo.. I had the motorolla droid until someone stole it.. I don't have insurance on the phone. I'm thinking of getting the droid incredible will we see any new phones around fathers day or June?
Probably. The Ally, possibly the Droid 2.
Umm.. What about the droid incredible? I here the battery sucks though.
Haha. Why didn't you just ask what people had heard of or thought about the Incredible?
Well should I wait or will we see anything new in 1 or 2 months?
sorry to hear someone stole your phone..

but man forget the incredible.. its cool and all but wheres the keyboard?? i'd say just buy a used droid off craigslist if you dont have insurance, ive seen them go for cheap, especially that the droid2 came out.

DROID FTW!!!!!!!!dancedroid
Im pretty sure droid 2 is not out there is althought pics of the moto shadow is that what you meant?
Everything I've read says BLUR can be disabled.
Personally I can't wait for the Shadow to be released. Or at least official.