Go SMS Pro version is resizing my photo's to thumbnail size. How do I change it?


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Sep 23, 2010
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Just recently my Go SMS Pro version is resizing photo's to the point that I can't even see them hardly. I don't recall changing any settings so I know it's got to be something within the Go SMS app. Has anyone else had this problem and what is the fix. I have searched settings in the app and find nothing. Also when in the message when I touch on the photo to resize and look at the info on the photo it shows it's an 8mp photo but it's litteraly to small to view. I have tried doing a long press and moving to my sd card to view in the gallery and when i view in gallery it's still small. Any idea what's going on? Maybe I need to delete and reinstall app. Any ideas or help would be appreciated...
An 8MP image is too large for the app to send. I'm not familiar with the app. I have no idea if it has settings for image resizing or not but expecting to text 8MP images is unreasonable.
Any fix to this? I just recently downloaded the go SMS app on my Bionic and all of the pictures I send or receive are thumbnails. If I try to enlarge them to view they are extremely pixelated.....