GO Launcher EX


Mar 30, 2011
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Altho I have rooted my D2G, I guess I've totally lost sight if why I did. I have suddenly and insanely become a big fan of Go Launcher EX and its themes, but I have a couple of questions to others who use this app, too. Is it better that the phone is rooted to use these home page changers? I got this impression from the time I had ADW and the trouble I had with it and finally un-installed. So Go Launcher seems to be working fine but I'm not really concerned on whether it's the root or not that's helping.

Anyway, the launcher itself and 2 of the themes are on phone storage without suggesting storage on the sdcard. The second 2 themes do suggest sdcard storage. I thot that if an app had widgets, storage on the sdcard meant they wouldn't work. So would the devs have written the apps so that the widgets will work, or is it just "common knowledge" that they won't and the user will act accordingly? Thanks.

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