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Mar 10, 2012
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Hi everyone, I just switched over from BB to an Android. I got the Droid 4

For some reason, my sync is always on for GMAIL (arrow in circle, that constantly shows syncing) I can't see to turn this off.

Under GENERAL SETTINGS, there is "Sync inboxes and labels"
Under QUANTITY, there is "amount of email to sync" the default is 4 days. But you change that from 0 to 999 days. What is this exactly? Don't you always want to sync, so you are getting the latest emails automatically, not just the last 1,2,3,4 days, etc?

Under the LABELS, there are "Inbox", "Priority Inbox" , "Starred", "Important", "Sent" and you can set those to SYNC NONE, SYNC AL or SYNC (1,2,3,4,etc) DAYS.

I'm not sure I understand this. Let's say under QUANTITY, you set it to 7 days. That means it will sync back the previous week. So wouldn't all these labels automatically sync the past 7 days. i.e. why is there an option to set it to sync all or sync none or sync (whatever days you set it at)?
go to general settings --> accounts and you'll see your gmail account there along with any other account you have tied to your phone. From there you can turn off sync

Can someone explain what the quantity of days sync means? Why are you able to "sync none" under the inbox in labels if you specifically assign, say 4 days sync, under the quantity?
They should have descriptions on what all these things mean. Its sometimes intuitive but sometimes not.
What email app are you using?? I'm not seeing any of these settings or menu options on the stock gmail app. I just have it set to push so I get my emails instantly. I don't have any settings for "sync X days"

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I am using the GMAIL app on the Droid 4.
anyone else using the GMAIL app on the Droids can explain what these settings mean?