Gmail stopped Syncing


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Dec 11, 2009
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Las Vegas, NV
My gmail stopped syncing. I get new emails, but they arent showing up on the phone. I have to manually sync to get them, its not automatically doing it.

I checked all my settings....turned sync off and then back on...rebooted the phone...etc.....any suggestions? anyone else having this problem?
Don't use a task killer and

phone settings > Applications > Manage applications > menu > filter > all > Gmail storage > clear data
Did that fix the problem permanently for you? I tried the same fix last night. But then it went back to not updating automatically anymore. :(

Doublecheck all settings to make sure sync is on for your account, do not kill tasks or services, reboot, consider decreasing number of sync days in gmail app settings > Labels. Perhaps only sync inbox and sent items labels. Clear gmail storage data (not the same as gmail cache)
@aminaked Thank you! I made the following changes after reading your post yesterday. And Gmail is syncing OK since then so far.

1) Decreased the # of days from three to two.
2) Rebooted

Below is more information for other people having the same issues:

Previously I had:

- Cleared Data from "Gmail Storage" and "Gmail"

Also, I confirmed that:

- Only INBOX and SENT are the only labels being synchronized.

Thanks again!

You're welcome, I'm glad it worked. A couple notes:

- usually clearing "Gmail Storage" data is all that is necessary (as opposed to Gmail cache)
- sending attachments via the gmail app may cause this type of thing. Actually, maybe a lot of stuff can cause this. Do a google search for droid manual sync and you'll see lots of problems/solutions. Personally, I only send email with attachments through K9 and my non-gmail POP3 account