Gmail - Inverted and Transparent (updated 10/3) COLORS ADDED!!!


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Oct 10, 2010
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This is the newest version on the market.. I still left links to the older version just in case.. Thanks to ecsnead69 for icons and helping me locate a few things...... Enjoy!

Screenshots for the colored versions is in the 2nd and 3rd posts...The blue icons and dividers are from my theme.. they're not in the app

Installation Guide:

1. You need to check if Gmail is located in the system partition or Data first. To do this the easy way is to go to settings/apps/manage/all/Gmail and if you have the option to uninstall then it's data.. otherwise it's system.. or, use root explorer and go check both partitions..

2. If your's is in data/app then just uninstall your's and then this one will install like a normal app. If you get any fc's at first, go to settings/apps/manage/all/Gmail or Dark Gmail and clear cache and data from the app.. that fixes it.

3. If your's is in system/app use Titanium Backup or root explorer to uninstall the app and then REBOOT... then install this one. It'll install to data so if you get any fc's, clear cache and data in the app or move it to system.. I've had all of mine in data and they were originally in system and I've had no issues at all...




1. Dark Gmail

2. Blue Dark - either leave it in data or push to system

3. Cyan Dark

4. Green Dark

5. Pink Dark

6. Red Dark

7. Yellow Dark


1. Clear Gmail

2. Blue Clear

3. Cyan Clear

4. Green Clear

5. Pink Clear

6. Red Clear

7. Yellow Clear

Version 2.3.5


1. Lighter gray background for read messages - so flash in recovery

2. Dark Gray background for read messages - so flash in recovery

3. Signed apk install.. make sure you uninstall Gmail from system, reboot, install this one.. if it fc's, move it to system/app, rename it Gmail.apk, reboot...


1. Transparent signed apk

2. Transparent

credit to my Twitter followers for playing with and testing the Transparent Gmail.. I released it 2 days ago for them so follow me to get early releases and instant updates...

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If you can, link me the bionic one and I'll add it to the op....

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Sure, here ya go - link - you may want to change the install message though, its a P3 zip file and clearly states that during installation

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Thanks bro.. got it all done... :D
OP updated.. fixed a few things and added 6 colors..
If they fixed it so I can upload more than 5 I will.... :)

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They turn out like this...

I'll def look into that then.... thanks bro...

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You can fit as many of those in your post as you need to, No Limit :wink:
Finally got it installed. Followed your instruction with no luck. So I put it in /system/app and changed permission, rebooted, then went back to /system/app and installed from there. Anyway, here's some screenshots of the Cyan Dark


Looks good. Thanks again B-Boy. Another great job!

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