gingerbread leak worth it?

The new tbh gb ota is definitely where its at.... way quicker... cleaner status bar and consistent 2000+ on quadrant... ill never go back

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We shouldn't need to ROOT to get tolerable hardkey lighting.

another couple of GB kinks;
When i get a text in standby, waking the DX takes me to the text thats tow texts above the new one. I have to scroll down to read the new text.

Froyo would vibrate after you held in the camera button long enough to start the camera app. Gb does not.
I think it is worth it. I don't give a crap about ROM's. I tried several, and they usually complicate things, usually have bugs and glitches and I need my phone working 100% and I am not willing to risk having it crash on me just so that I can change a font or skin.

Launcher Pro EX makes it look nicer and lets me set it up in a way that is a bit more useful and that is all I need.

That said, this leak is a huge improvement over Froyo. Faster, more stable, the phone just looks and works better than ever.