Getting started using Google maps


Mar 23, 2010
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Would like to share my location with a friend, and see her location but not make information available to anyone else.

I have joined Latitude; sent a request to her. She uses Verizon but does not have a Droid. Will she be able to use Latitude? I think she uses a Backberry. I notice the request was sent gmail. She doesn't usually use her gmail address. Can she use email?

She hasn't responded yet. I just touched Maps > Menu > Latitude > Her name > Menu > Privacy > Detect your location. Is this OK? In the User's manual it says Share location - Accept and share back. I can't find my way there. If I touch Maps > Menu Layers > Latitude - I see my address. What do I need to do to get Latitude setup? What does she need to do?

i remember when me and my bro first tried out latitude i sent a request to his hotmail account it didnt go through. he created a gmail account and everything went smooth from there
She has a gmail account, probably doesn't use it. I'll check further