Google Latitude Not Accurate?


May 5, 2010
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I wanted to see if this was a problem occuring with just me, or if it's an ongoing problem.

Whenever I load up my google latitude from my phone or my computer, it never EVER seems to be accurate. When I want to check my friends/family members locations, it either hasn't updated for 45 minutes, or it just flat out is not accurate at all.

However, my location on my maps seems to be fine. Whenever I do a My Location on the Maps, it shows me accurately and whenever I use the GPS for directions, it seems to work well.

It's just whenever I use my latitude to locate my friends and family, it doesnt seem to update a lot on their location, and when it does, it's not accurate as it should be.

Is there anything I can do to fix this? Has anyone else had any of the same problems?
I have before when gps signal was weak and I was NOT also enabling network location awareness.
So do I just have to accept the fact that it will never be accurate, or is there some kind of UPDATE or other programs I can download to fix this?

It would be REALLY convenient for me if I could resolve this issue.
I have the same problem unless I have my sattelite on. I don't think it's the app though. My son has an HTC Hero and his is always accurate. We live in the same house mind you. When I open lattitude, he's in the house and I'm like a mile down the road.
Yeah same problem here. I just quit using it. The other person needs their GPS on, but it still never seemed real time. Sometimes, like you said, it would be last updated 45 minutes ago. Not real useful if you ask me.