Galaxy Nexus Suffering From Random Reboots

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Oct 29, 2009
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The Samsung Galaxy Nexus is going through some growing pains and this one is of the undesired kind. Wide spread reports of random reboots are plaguing the handset and users are jamming up Google's Support Forum looking for answers.

It does not appear to be isolated to the GSM version only. CDMA users are reporting the problem as well. To what extent we are unsure but we'd like to find out. Keep in mind there is no way to get an accurate barometer of what users are seeing the issue more, GSM or CDMA, because this site is dedicated to CDMA version but we are going to put the question to you, the readers, anyhow.

Are you seeing random reboots? If yes, CDMA/GSM?

Is it region dependent, area dependent or it does not matter? Does it happen while streaming music, playing games, or simply when the device is left to do nothing?

Source: Google Support
Wow, that just reminded me to check my uptime - 357:34:25. Half a month I'd say no random reboots here. :)
Verizon Gn.reboot

My VZ GN has random reboots. Will happen more often with Https websites. I live near Seattle. Wife's GN has less reboots. She will usually have to pull the battery. I use alot more data. She reads alot with Kindle app. random reboots at all. Signal quality is sometimes less than stellar, but that's it. Phone is great otherwise.
Crossing my fingers but I have not had one yet.
I've had a couple the entire time owning my Nexus. But it was while testing different voltages on a couple diff kernels which is to be expected.

Other than that, this phone has been SOLID. :cool-b:
I've seen a few reboots. Current uptime is 53:54:35
Most of the reboots are when clicking an app and it hangs, then reboots. Random apps as well
When I set screen off profile in setcpu min to 350mhz to tweak battery life it would reboot on its own, since bumping it to 700mhz min that has stopped.
No random reboots here (CDMA). Current up time of 63+ hours. My wife hasn't said anything about hers rebooting either. Wife's up time is 306+ hours.
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no problems here. altho i can say the phone is quite smoother and less laggy after loading custom rom and kernel. i would like better signal, but most of my heavy data usage occurs in places where i can get wifi.
I had random reboots on the Nexus I purchased on launch day. Happened at first every couple of days but got more and more frequent as time went on.

I am on the CDMA LTE Verizon Nexus.

It usually happened when the phone was idle. I would send a text, finish a call, or just finish doing something on the phone, then return to the home screen and set the phone down. A few seconds later I would notice that the phone was booting up. Bummer!

Bad thing was, I don't really know if maybe it was rebooting more often than I noticed. Either way, called VZW and told them about it and had them ship a replacement. Sadly, VZW support handled the transaction poorly and ended up sending me 2 Nexus devices and attempted to charge me full price for one despite clearly being told it was a warranty replacement and I would NOT be charged. That is all cleared up now though and the Nexus I have currently seems to be working ok. The screen on this one is a bit disappointing as it is more grainy / blotchy at low brightness levels, but I can deal with it for now I suppose!
Galaxy Nexus Reboots

This has happened to me several times since I picked up my CDMA the day Verizon started selling the phone. It has never happened when I was using the phone although I have witnessed several random reboots.
I get the random reboot every other week or so. But it's nothing I haven't seen on any of my droids before. Plus the boot time is 28 seconds so no complaints. :)
Had some random reboots on the stock CDMA 4.0.2 rom before flashing a custom rom. No reboots since then!