Four touch buttons stay lit, phone freezes then reboots

Oct 22, 2010
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(UPDATED 1st post)Four touch buttons stay lit, phone freezes then reboots

This issue is becoming more and more of a problem. It appears to be doing it with increased frequency.

Ill hit the lock button on my phone just before i place it in my pocket, the four touch buttons almost always stay lit for either around 10-15 seconds or it reboots my phone. I'm averaging about 2 reboots a day now. It's getting really annoying.

Does anyone have any tips at all on how to fix this?

Has this been happening to a lot of other people?

EDIT: I believe it has something to do with the amount of tasks your running, leading to almost max usage of the D2's memory. Or it could be a particular app that is causing the problem. After my phone freezes, then comes back (if it doesn't reboot), I'll post a list of apps my phone had in memory.

EDIT 2: Okay my phone has frozen twice recently, both for periods of about 10 seconds. Luckily it didn't reboot, so I can list the apps currently "in memory".

Alarm and Timer
Amazon MP3
Backup Assistant
Battery Indicator Pro
City ID
Data Manager Service
Global Unplug
Google Voice
Handcent SMS
My Uploads
My Verizon Mobile
Skype mobile
SMS Backup
Social Messaging
Social Networking
Sync Service
SystemPanel (what I use for task killing now)
Text Messaging
Toggle Widgets
Voice Commands
VZ Navigator

Currently have 71M available. As soon as I hit the lock button just now, it froze for about 20 seconds, when the buttons shut off I hit the lock button again and it said 79M is now available.

Okay, so if its an app that is causing the problem it must be one of these. If it's not an app, it might be because of the memory being maxed out but I'm honestly not sure.

If everyone could just check, after their phone freezes, and if it doesn't reboot, check to see what apps are in memory and compare them with what I have and maybe a more technical user could narrow down what they think the culprit app is.
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happening alot to me too, its starting to get annoying
The lights stay on for a while and it randomly turns off and restarts by itself, sometimes the lights turn off after a while and it works ok.
maybe something with the last update or a bug?
Anyone else noticed that this is slowly becoming a mass issue here? Is it because of the recent update or what?
Need a bit more info to help, are you rooted, oc'd, running custom ROMs, kernels... honestly it could be a number of things and without more info I don't think it will be possible to trouble shoot your problem.

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Got my gf a D2 the day it launched and haven't had a single issue with it yet...that wasn't app related.
We need to see if those of you with this issue have common apps and/or behaviors. To quickly eliminate a couple, are any of you running task killers or any kind of anti-virus apps? How often are you rebooting your phones? Are you using the home button or back button to exit applications?

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Try reading the comments on some and see if anyone else has reported the same issue.

A ton! lol. I'm gonna remove some and see what happens

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