Flash problem, need help.


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Apr 21, 2014
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I have just bought a factory refurbished droid razr maxx, bought a new sims card to go with it. Took it to a local dealer, who flashed my friends droid maxx and it works great, and had it flashed to work with pageplus. Here is where the craziness begins. I dropped it off wednesday, her computer crashed before she could do it. It had a full charge when i dropped it off, well it was friday before she could get up and running again, i didn't know until i picked it up that she had left it on, she said it turned itself off after the flash and before she could activate it so she had to charge it up. When i first picked it up friday it seemed to be working fine, however when i sent out the first text message it showed two different numbers, my number and a strange one. Checking in the phone that number was listed as "my number" in the phone. Saturday, it was doing the same and i noticed the battery was draining quick, sunday was worse, it turned itself off and on at least 6 times that i am aware of. Had to charge it mid day both days, and i don't used a phone much, those days were just a few calls, and a couple of text. My friend's phone will last him all day and he spends a good amount of time texting and on the internet. This morning i took it off the charger to go to work and in 2 hours, with only one short phone call in this time, the low battery saver come on, and i had to charge it again. I took it to her again to have her check it out, she said the only problem that was flash related was the number thing and she worked on my phone through lunch. I picked it back up and the strange number was gone, but unknown is now listed there, not my number, and now my data isn't working at all, only wi-fi, and it will show 4g lte sometimes, i know that was suppose to be disabled with the flash. I'm lost, frustrated, and need some advice from someone that has had experience with flashed phones. I read up on them and i know the first rule is to have the phone at a full charge, that was important, has she screwed up my phone because of that? Is the sim messed up now, it keeps trying to activate the sim card. If you need anymore info to help, please ask. As far as how the phone came, it was just like brand new, and when i first turned it on it brought up the very first and main setup menu, just like a new phone would.


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Jan 30, 2012
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It would be difficult to actually mess up the SIM unless it was damaged somehow which doesn't sound likely. I would take it back to her again and stand there until she can show you that data is working. She may indeed have messed it up. But I'm also wondering if you know for sure you even are supposed to have data. Did it at one time?