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Jul 27, 2010
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I have the Droid Incredible. My SD card got corrupted yesterday and I lost 600 images of my newborn baby. I have a more tech savvy friend who is going to try to recover the files but in the meantime I'm hoping there is some way to see if there are any left on my phone. I used some of the pics from the card as a wallpaper and as Android Picture Frame widgets. Since they still show up when the SD card is not inserted I was hoping that meant there is some sort of temp file or cached photo somewhere on my phone. I feel like I've searched everywhere using File Manager and Astro and I'm desperate to get a few pics back. Anyone able to help?

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All pics are automatically saved to sdcard.
If you save a picture to wallpaper that is the only time it will get saved to the phone memory.
Use the picasa upload or dropbox to save files in the future.


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If you saved it from the browser, its on the sd card in your downloads folder. You will need a file manager like "astro" from the market to get to it.

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