Good Software to Backup the SD Card?


Dec 12, 2010
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Cool thread guys, I'm gonna give that backup program a shot shortly. For now I think I'll just use the most sure fire way I know though.

I already have adb setup for use so I just open a command prompt, use the "cd" command to specify the directory I have the adb program in, and then use the command

adb pull /sdcard/ "C:\Directory where I\keep my files\yes spaces can be used as long as you use the quotes like I did here"

FYI, you shouldn't have to mount your card to do this: I had mine in PC mode when I did it, so yeah.... (actually you might have to have your phone in pc mode to even use adb.... not certain of that though).

It's a more foolproof way than trying to do a highlight all, copy/paste job. It grabs everything on your sdcard and throws it in the folder you've specified. :)

This actually may be a good way to check whether the other program is getting everything it should be too: just do a backup each way and then compare to make sure they're the exact same size (there's probably a better way to check but I'm not gonna worry that much about it lol)

EDIT1: I did a search for Allway Sync to see if it was the best option and I found this page (read the comments too, they're quite insightful) :
It looks like it was updated very recently (3/1/11) and the comments are still quite active. I think it convinced me that "FreeFileSync" is going to be a better choice for me. Thanks again!

EDIT2: I found a fatal flaw with the adb pull method: it leaves out folders with the "." in front of them. FreeFileSync picks those files up. Just b/c I'm curious, does anyone know how to make adb grab the files with the period in front of them?
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