Fiannly purchased Google Apps Premier BUT...


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Jul 16, 2010
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Well, i purchased google apps premier so i could assure that my email will get to my phone lickety split... uh oh!... it doesn't. I have to sync manually for the email to come down to my droid x.

Then when i go into the settings and i go to sync my contacts i see this message "unable to must enable background data temporarily....yadda... well where do i do that because when i do go into the settings it IS enabled...

So the issue is, why is my mail from my google apps account not downloading onto my phone instantly? even my gmail is not downloading right (free account)

Here is another one for you... When enabling my google apps premier and switching my MX records, you would think that my outlook which still shows my Godaddy mail servers wouldn't get mail right? wrong!! im still getting mail from the imap godaddy settings...!!!

anyone of you droid/google geniuses like to help a newb out?