Nexus One/Droid/Android 2.1/Email Transfer to Different Folders


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Jan 13, 2010
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I'm currently using the Droid and I have a GoDaddy email account. I have it set for IMAP and it works pretty well except for one thing...

When I receive an email I can't move it to my "Archive" folder where I save all of my old emails. My only options after reading an email are: "Delete" "Forward" "Reply/ Reply All", and "Mark as Unread". There's no option to move it to another folder. With Gmail I have a whole host of options including the ability to send the mail to my "Archive".

Am I doing something wrong or missing something in my setup?

Does anyone out there have/use the Nexus One or a Droid running Android 2.1? Does this same problem exist for them too?

Also, I'd rather not setup another Gmail account for forwarding my emails from my GoDaddy account.

Thanks in advance!!!
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