Email troubles


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Nov 30, 2009
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Been using my Droid for some time now and still cant get my email to work properly. Here's my set-up
1. Godaddy pop3 email account (work is too cheap to get a exchange or imap)
2. Outlook 2007 on my work pc pulls from godaddy and is set to leave a copy on the server for 3 days
3. Droid configured for pop3 email with K-9, basic email app, and gmail accounts (I've tried all three)

My issues:
when I get a new email in godaddy, it shows up on my phone and on the PC. then suddenly, it will dissapear from my phone (after 5-10 minutes) and only be viewable on the PC. Also not viewable on the godaddy email site either.

I tried to have gmail pull the mail from godaddy and that works except that it sometimes takes hours if not days for email to arrive on the gmail account.

Any help with these issues would be appreciated! I dont know where to go next.