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Dec 25, 2009
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Hello there everyone, hope everyone had a good Christmas.

Yesterday I ran into a bad issue with my Droid and was forced to completely wipe it clean, so today I was adding my contacts back. Well, every person has synced with their Facebooks except for my girlfriend. I guess my phone doesn't approve. I have spelled her name correctly, used the same one that her display name on Facebook is, used a number which is on her Facebook, even used the email associated with her Facebook, but it still doesn't sync. Out of 60 or so contacts I have so far, she is the only one whose picture is not displayed, and the link is not made. What is going on? How can I get her to sync? I've deleted and re-added here info several times.

Also, is it possible to sync a contact with a Facebook whom you're not friends with? I'm not friends with my mother, and I was wondering if I could sync her contact with her Facebook, which she unfortunately has.

Thanks a lot everyone, and keep on enjoying your holiday seasons.
i know this post is old but its the exact problem im having. there are a couple contacts that i cannot get facebook to sync with. anyone know how to fix this?
i found a post that fixed mine. i cant remember where soo ill just type wat i did.

go into ur fb app, go to settings and turn off contacts sync. then back out of the app. then when u open ur contacts u shouldnt have any pics or fb profiles for any of ur contacts. then go back to fb and turn sync back on. when u open ur contacts it mihgt take a minute for all the pics to load back up, but all of mine did.

this should work for you too