Deleted and re-added contact...won't sync with facebook


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Nov 6, 2009
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anyone have any ideas why?

for whatever reason, my gf's contact was showing like 4 or 5 facebook profiles so i decided to delete and re-add her.

now her contact won't sync with facebook. thought maybe it was a brief network thing or something so i left it alone till the morning. nothing. and i added another friend into my contacts and it immediately sync'd with facebook.

what gives? anyone have any thoughts?
Glad to see a topic on this - I'm having similar problems with facebook syncing. Some of my friends show 3 facebook profiles and have synced, while others show 0 and won't sync for the world... anyone have any fixes for this yet? I just went in and told my facebook account to sync now - still no luck... =(
yeah i tried re-syncing too with no luck.
Mine wasn't merging but that was due to people using middle names and crap it took a lil longer for some to sync...

Have you tired going in to the contacts in your gmail account and editing them there and then have it sync?
I had this problem. Turn off the facebook sync.Go back and make sure the facebook ap is fully off for people on your contact list. Turn back on facebook sync.
thank you! solved the problem! like you said, i went into facebook and the settings there. took off sync for all contacts. it cleared all pics, profile updates, etc. went back to account settings for the phone and opened the fb sync back up. everything reloaded including my gf's pic and profile info.
hmm...just noticed the next contact below my gf's name won't display the fb picture now.

but if i click on the contact it shows his fb profile. this is more irritating than a problem...but still!
yea this whole syncing with facebook thing just isnt working for me. i tried what you guys said would fix it...i think? and it didnt work. out of all my contacts only like 5 worked. i dont get it.