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Dec 29, 2010
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Seattle, WA
I removed my FB account and then re-added it, in an attempt to get my contact pics to update with everyones current FB pic as opposed to the ones they had when I first got my phone. Well I succeeded in that, but now when I go to my phone contacts, none of my contacts are showing their FB info, nor their status updates or anything, and it won't give me the option to message them, write on their wall, view profile or any of that, like they all did before I resynced. And before I did that, when I would go into my phone contacts and slide the screen to the left, it would show me everyones status updates in order that they were posted, but now it keeps saying, "no recent status updates". I know that it takes awhile to synce all the info, but the pics are showing now like I said, so I don't see why everyones FB info isn't. What should I do?

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i did this this morning because i removed a friend who shows up in all contacts.

in addition to removing the account, you should go to settings/applications/manage applications and clear data on the fb app. then add the account again, start fb, login, then go to contacts and do a show/hide. cycle between all and fb a few times. it takes a little while to load all fb contacts with pics in your phone contacts, but it will eventually be up to date ....

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