FISSION ROM - Contacts Issue

Dec 29, 2010
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Seattle, WA
I'm using FISSION ROM, and I got my FB contacts synced to my contact list, but it wont let me add their phone numbers, it says that FB Contacts are not editable on this device. I'm a lil confused, cause before I flashed FISSION, I had my FB contacts synced, and was able to put their phone numbers on their. So how do I get it to work like that, so in my contact list, it shows their FB info and their Phone Info ?
for some reason it did it on its own. for example. my GF doesn't have her number on her FB profile, so I had to make a new contact for her, and when I went to Join the two, it had already done it by itself lol
the way i solved my contact issue with fission .. before i flashed the rom .. i exported my contacts list to my sd card and after flashing the rom i just imported from sd card.. then joined the contacts from my facebook to their proper contacts in my phone list ..
If you are displaying a facebook contact on the screen and select menu/add new contact it will automatically add a Google contact (with no info it it) and join the two as a single contact.

The info will be taken from the facebook info instead.
If you have one of those friends who thinks a picture of his dog is good for his profile pic you can also add a picture to the Google profile and click on the picture and select USE THIS PHOTO so it never changes and will always display the Google pic in contacts no matter what the facebook pic is at the time.