Can't edit facebook contacts...


Nov 15, 2010
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I recently flashed fision ROM and am running the gingerbread with new transitions theme. My contacts are synced with facebook. When I want to type in a phone number for one of my facebook contacts the phone wont let me. After presssing edit contact, it says "facebook contact information is not editable on this device". But with the original motoblur OS that came with the phone, I was able to do this. Why cant I do this anymore? The only way I could find is by creating a new contact with the fone number i want and then joining it with the facebook contact, but that is impractical for the over 100 contacts I have. Is there anyway to do it?
I've been trying to find some ways but I can't! The phone shud still be able to edit facebook contacts even if its on the fission gingerbread theme. how do u guys do it?

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Solution: Facebook information is read only, because it is pulled from the website. Just like you can't change a friend's contact info on, you also can't on your phone. My workaround has always been to create a Gmail contact with the exact first and last name as the FB user, entering the information I want. After a couple minutes, the phone intelligently merges the contacts into one entry.