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Jan 11, 2011
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First off I have Gingerbread on my phone. I looked at one of the bloat freeze threads and froze some stuff. One of the things I froze was ''Facebook authenicator''

After then I went to my contacts and none of the facebook contacts are there, so I tried un-freezing the authenicator and they still dont show. How do I get my facebook contacts back? :eek:

Edit: After removing facebook and facebook messenger and reinstalling they still dont come back. Also under ''accounts'' it only shows my google account. If I try to add a facebook account it says ''you can only have one active facebook service account at a time"

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i am currently in the same boat. it might just be a bug thus far; remember that verizon pulled back the update due to some security hole with MS exchange. If the problem persists we'll report it to the rootWiki page
I have the same problem here.

Apparently it's only affecting some of us.

Hopefully we'll get a bugfix update soon. Either way, having this slightly-buggy Gingerbread build is better than Froyo.
I think this issue only manifests for those who freeze stuff.

On the other hand I have all authenticators unfrozen (because otherwise the Contacts app just crashes) and Facebook is there.
I have this problem unfreezing, everything didn't fix it

edit: tried to sign out of facebook and retry but when i go to
setup accounts in system setup i get

you can only have one active facebook service account at a time

so it seem i'm not logged out completely i can sign back in but still doesn't sync
unless i'm not waiting long enough
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same here. only one user that i've noticed so far. no idea why.

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This is one of those times where I'm just glad I don't have a FB anymore... did they ever update the FB app to be able to set default pictures again?

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i had to do a hard reset and facebook contacts now work
did you unfreeze everything?
When you go to menu/ accounts is your facebook account listed?
if not.
go to add account is there a little green check mark on the facebook icon?
if not tap on icon and add login info, if the is a green check you didn't do a hard reset
reboot, when the red motorola is displaying press camera button for a couple of secs to get recovery options

i have clockworkmod revovery v2.5.0.8 not sure if this works with stock recovery
or Boot into stock recovery by holding x and power

select wipe data/ factory reset using volume button for up and down camera to select
this will delete all data not on sd card so make sure all contacts backup assistant, google and other data are backed up
if you use titanium backup pro just re-install titanium backup and restore you apps
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did you unfreeze everything?
When you go to menu/ accounts is your facebook account listed?

Ive never frozen any apps - or have my phone rooted.
done many factory resets. as annoying as they are..
facebook account is There. and the messages are accessable in the messaging widget, but no contacts so even in that widget you cant create a new msg to a facebook person.

Phone contacts dont show facebook ppl, or have the pics downloaded. But the social networking widgets do show the updates from facebook..

So im not sure if its a Facebook issue now or should i learn how to go back to froyo.
so when you go to menu/ settings/accounts
facebook is listed in my accounts
with backup assistant and your email accounts?
will it let you remove account?
Oh yes, ive removed it and added it many times.
never a problem doing that.. just seeing the contacts.
View attachment 40801ok in contacts/menu/display options
only contacts with phone numbers is not checked
facebook/ all contacts is selected with a green check mark
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Try downloading facebook app from market

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