trouble linking contacts


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Sep 16, 2010
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ok guys, i've got a droid x, the camera wasnt working so i took it to the store to get it looked it, they updated to the newest software (which didnt solve the problem, but thts another issue) but when they installed the new software, the erased everything from the phone but my phone contacts. I re-installed the facebook app, and when i originally got the phone, it automatically linked all my phone and facebook contacts and used the fb picture as the caller id pic. now, it says they are linked and i go under setting and tell it to use the fb profile pic as eveyones contact pic, but when i scroll through my contacts, only some of the ppl's pictures show up. any ideas as to whats going on here? even if it says the phone contact and fb profile are linked, not everyones pic shows up


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Aug 2, 2010
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O-Town FL
thats interesting. I would try syncmypix...its free in the marketplace.

make sure you have full names and not just first names as they will sometimes add names/profiles that you dont want to add. but it adds all the pics and whatnot. you can go through after the first 'link" and fix/change pics of all your friends or add profiles to contacts that didn't get added (like if you have a nickname in contacts)