Email Seperate Accounts icon home screen Droid X

Was anyone able to figure out how to have seperate gmail account and corporate sync (exchange email) account icons on the home screen? I have them all listed in my messages folder but would like to seperate them out as well on the home screen and have seperate notifications for each as well.

I got it. I got it.

On the homescreen, long hold an empty spot until the menu pops up.

Choose Shortcuts.

Choose Gmail Label.

Choose the account.

Choose the Inbox.

Name it.

Now you have an icon for one email account on the home screen!

ok that solves the gmail issue with the icon shortcut. but most importantly a solution for exchange is desperately needed. does google assume that gmail is the most important email account that people have? they really didnt pay attention to the small details that would make this phone user friendly as far as exchange emails go, and how about a notification with an unread msg count? any apps out there for exchange that would give you an unread msg count?
To add a corporate (Exchange) email icon to your home screen, do the following:

1. press and hold on home screen
2. press "Shortcuts"
3. press "Applications"
4. press "Email" (not the "Messaging" application)

For me, this opens my exchange email account directly.

Does that help?
You can make a widget for each.

This would be the correct answer. Go into your widgets and choose either email options(one looks like the original email icon while the other is larger and gives you an image of your inbox), once selected you will be prompted to choose an email account. As long as you have already added your email accounts under "My Accounts" you'll be prompted with a choice of what account to select. You can do this multiple times, therefore creating multiple shortcuts on your homepage linked to different email accounts.