Bettercut Direct Dial Problem


Jun 30, 2010
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I downloaded Bettercut on my X with the latest update. I am trying to put direct dial shortcuts on my home screen. I press and hold the home screen and go to Shortcuts, then Bettercut then Direct Call. When I press Direct Call it gives me only my first 7 contacts. It does create a nice contact on the home page, which when pressed, dials the number. However, I cannot move the contact list to get to other contacts. Anyone have a solution? Thanks.

Update: Got it working. Bettercut defaults to your Google contacts. I only had 7 contacts in my Google account, since my contacts were transferred from my old Verizon phone. I added some contacts I needed shortcuts for into the Google Mail account, and they showed up on my Droid X when I went to the Bettercut Direct Call shortcut. Now I can just press the Bettercut Widget for any of my contacts on my home screen, and it dials the number.
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