Email notification not working


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Jan 20, 2010
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I recently had to re-set my Droid, and since then, I no longer get notification of emails. I've deleted and re-added the accounts, with no luck. This is happening on two different accounts (google apps account for work and aol for personal) with no luck.

Yes, I've checked my settings. They're both set to check email every 5 minutes and to notify me when email comes in. Ringtones and vibration are selected.

But it doesn't go out to get email on its own, only when I open the account, and I almost never get notification (extremely rarely it does ping me).

These are both under "Email". Under the "Gmail" icon I have the apps work account, but it's on IMAP and I don't like the format so I only look at the one under email.

Ideas? It worked fine before I had to re-set the whole thing. The settings are exactly the same.
The only idea I have for you is that sync might not be turned on? I know that my gmail doesn't automatically grab the email or notify me when the sync option isn't turned on.
Sorry, that's the only idea I have to offer. :(
Good suggestion but no, Background Sync and Auto-Sync are both on. Thanks!