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Nov 29, 2010
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Hi everyone, I'm new here and new to droid. I came from a blackberry.

I have the phone ALMOST set up exactly how I would like it to be.....except email notifications.

I have 5 email accounts (1 gmail - primary, and 4 other non-gmail accounts). I have been using k-9 email and like it over the built in email, primarily because I use more than gmail. If I were just a gmail user, I'd probably be happy with the built in gmail app and gmail notifier.

I downloaded "e-mail notifier" so that I could get reminder notifications that I have received new email.

The desired response I'm looking for is a new email icon/sound/LED when email comes in, and a distinct ringtone for each email account. And I want this action to be repeated until I look at the email.

In k-9 mail, I have each account configured to play its own sound. k-9 also has options to blink the LED and display new mail notifications. All work EXCEPT gmail. I am not notified at all when new gmail comes in. None of the alerts remind me more than the initial notification though. That's where e-mail notifier comes in.

In E-mail notifier, it appears I can only use it fo gmail, although when downloading it, it said it works for ALL k-9 mail accounts, and was why I downloaded it in the first place. I have email notifier set up to enable email notifications, and remind me of missed notifications with sound. But I can only choose "Gmail" under accounts. None of the other accounts show up.

Whether email notifier is enabled or disabled, I am NOT getting notified of ANY gmail messages, and I am not getting reminded of my other emails more than the initial noficiation.

Does anyone have any input on getting this to work? I can't possibly be the only person using more than gmail who would like to be notified of emails?

Thanks so much!
I have the Droid 2. As far as I can tell, it is not built in.